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Helping you to navigate the shoals of complex legal matters and reach your safe harbour of optimum outcome with our cost effective  legal solutions

With our many years of experience, we are able to scope the matter, identify the issues and desired outcome, and then develop  cost effective strategies to reach your optimum outcome.  In many cases, we offer the initial scope of the matter, as a free legal consultancy, so that the client can assess whether our legal services are are a “good fit” for their requirements.  We establish and maintain a good relationship with our client and consider our legal fees to be an investment to achieve an acceptable result.

We offer Pro Bono Services

International Trade & Export Lawyers

Avanti Lawyers are experienced International Lawyers with a focus on outbound and inbound trade matters.  We can also provide legal advice on the optimum legal strategy on a wide range of legal issues both commercial and personal. We can simplify the complex.

Commercial & Commercial Property Lawyers

Our approach is to help you grow your business by providing relevant and timely legal advice, thus creating the optimum business environment and  structure for all the phases of your business, including business succession planning. As a business owner, you are most likely aware that your business issues may be a combination of operational, commercial and legal issues. Our qualifications and experience mean we can provide a comprehensive solution, and we work seamlessly with your accounting/tax or financial advisors.

Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Commercial litigation is a specialised aspect of legal services.  It can involve the resolution of a wide range of legal and factual issues.  The approach of Avanti Lawyers is to simplify the complex.  In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“.

In most disputes you can refine the facts and law to gain insight into the “essence” of the dispute. As part of the simplification process, the relevant factual and legal issues are then categorised  into a heirachy of relevance and weight.  Key facts can be agreed, or at least listed as points of difference.  This simplification process  opens the path  to negotiation and resolution.  We are well aware that an ongoing dispute can create stressors on the business and its owners and an early end to the dispute means that you can get back to growing  your business.

Too often the legal dispute is driven by different perceptions and poor communication and many cases are settled on the “steps of the court”.  This is due to the case only being “fully worked up” just before  trial or formal resolution.  We “front end” the resolution by breaking down the many and complex factual and legal issues as early as possible.

Family Lawyers

In the area of family law, we provide a sympathetic and pragmatic legal service to help you through the turmoil of the legal consequences of the breakup and resolve matters with the least amount of friction and in a manner to allow you to move on with your life.