Family Law

Our approach to relationship issues is set out in the modern interpretation of the ancient Greek Hippocratic Oath:

“Primum non necere” (first do no harm)

We adhere to those ethical principles. In many cases the relationship has broken down after years of effort from one or both parties to make it work.  We are all a product of our environment and our childhood and we do not judge.  We do not take an adversarial approach and we do not “continue the fight”.  That can be destructive.  We aim to achieve peace and happiness.  We strongly believe that all of us have a right to happiness.  We aim to improve, not harm, the post relationship life.

 If there are children, these chilren may have been exposed to mental stressors during the relationship breakdown and afterwards.  Our focus is to create or  restore the positive family environment.  We support both parents to be involved in their child’s life and to create or develop a good relationship.  Eventually the child becomes an adult and can then make decisions on bonding with the parent with the compassion and understanding as an adult.  None of us are perfect and we all make poor life choices. We try to preserve the bond and relationship to give the child a chance to know their parent. We use the assessment criteria for a good family environment as developed by the Institute of Family Studies.

Of course if there is any intrinsic unfairness in the post relationship scenario, we can advise on what a court would find acceptable and then assist in reaching that outcome.  At the core, we are very tough and experienced commercial lawyers and can call on those skills if our usual non adversarial approach is not working.

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